St. George’s Hope Groups are small groups of people who meet in homes across Gateshead and Newcastle. Alongside our Sunday Gatherings, Hope Groups are a vital part of life together as we intentionally pursue Jesus together.

Hope Collectives are two to three Hope Groups gathering together to build friendships with a wider group of people, make space to worship and pray and explore ways to love our world.

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Principles of Hope Groups

Come as you are.

Groups are for everyone and anyone can be part of our communities. Our invitation is to come as you are however you are and find a place of welcome and belonging.

Discover Jesus.

Groups are about discovering more of who Jesus is, what he says and how he changes our lives. St George’s Groups are a place centred on discovering more of who Jesus is, what he did and said, and how he changes lives today.

Learn to live more deeply.

Deeper learning and deeper living go hand and hand. We know more of the Bible and who God is so that we can live more deeply how God intended.

Find a shared purpose.

We were made for a purpose beyond ourselves. Groups are a place to encourage each other as we discover our individual purpose. They are also about discovering a shared purpose. Throughout the year, we encourage groups to play their part in seeing people and places Come Alive and the City blessed.

Keep Multiplying

When a group grows to 15-20 people, it will multiply and plant a new group. Multiplication allows us to create space for new people to join us whilst ensuring the space we have is one where people are known. Groups that multiply then gather together in Hope Collectives.

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Practices of Hope Groups


The early church had a habit of eating together as they remembered who Jesus is, shared life’s joy and troubles and worshipped.

Groups gather around food and a chance to share how life is. Then we worship and remember who Jesus is and why we gather. This is communion.


Disciples have always talked together. Jesus walked from village to village, taking the disciples through what a kingdom-life looked like and how to live. They were on a journey. After the resurrection, the conversation continued as missionaries were sent, churches planted and letters written.

Group questions provide a place for us to join in the conversation and learn from the Bible who God is and what that looks like for our lives. Questions are based on Sunday talks so that we can journey as one community together, living out what we believe God is teaching us in the Bible.

This is the conversation we have on the journey.


Jesus sent the disciples to make more disciples and live their faith out.

Groups always have a time to apply what we have learned, to keep each other accountable to do what we say we will and to pray for each other to be filled with the Spirit.

We are commissioned to live out what we believe.

Groups that love our world.

Our values at St George’s are Love God, Love Each Other and Love our World. This goes through all we do and is an integral part of St George’s Hope Groups. Bless the City weekends help our groups to Love our World by creating a space where we can be people who look outward and continue to grow into a community that loves those around us.

Bless the City events can be arranged by individual groups, groups working together or by groups joining with centrally organised events.