A Warm Welcome to St. George’s Durham Road.

We are a community gathered around Jesus where everyone is welcome. Whether you are familiar with church or have never stepped foot in church before, this a church for you.

We believe in Jesus and His death and resurrection.

For us, Christian faith is about following Jesus and discovering the power of his death and resurrection in our day to day lives.

Jesus walked the earth offering God’s welcome to all those who would hear it, he taught what God is like.

On the cross, Jesus wore all our sin and bore all our shame when he took on death. The cross speaks forgiveness and we believe it is there that we find the possibility of forgiveness for ourselves and for our world.

He was dead as dead but Jesus didn’t stay dead. The promise of new life was sealed as Jesus began to breathe again. In the grave, Jesus took on our greatest enemy and our greatest fear, death itself, so that the grave has no claim on us. We believe in resurrection hope.

This is central to our story and together we are working out what it means to live it out in our world.

We believe anyone can be part of a community like ours.

Maybe you are totally convinced about the story of Jesus. Maybe you’ve never heard it before and want to know more. Maybe you are coming back or even walking away. Gathered around Jesus, we are a people on a journey and everyone is welcome to join us.

We believe in changing the world.

At St. George’s our vision is to see individuals, the town and the whole world Come Alive in Jesus’ name.

It’s about more than building a church, we are here to bless a city.

Whoever you are and whatever your story, welcome to St. George’s.

St. George’s is for everyone. Always.

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Church Leaders