In this time where church looks a little different to what it has done in the past, and where we may spending a bit more time away from each other physically, we’ll be sharing some thoughts from the team to help us stay focused on what’s true, God’s promises, and to grow in faith together.

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Monday, 23rd March 2020

Today at 12pm we prayed together as a church. Something that’s been done for centuries, in homes, in churches, in large gatherings and across the world. 

This was a new experience, however, as we were all having to join from separate locations, as the advice on physical distancing develops.

It is still so powerful, knowing that we are all together in this, praying to the same God, about the same issues and, possibly more than ever, from a similar mindset. 

We started by singing a song by Brenton Brown, called Adoration. We’ve sung this many times before in groups, but today we sang it apart.

The truths remain the same; the idea of surrender more tangible than ever and the acknowledgement that we come to Jesus for what we need, as we pray often with the Lord’s Prayer. 

I loved singing the bridge today, as it speaks of us all worshiping God together, and even though it looked different than in past times we’ve sung it, we still get to join in together in praising our Father and acknowledging His power over situations. 

Whatever your day looks like today, let’s all choose to turn out hearts towards Him, more and more each day. To remind each other of His goodness and thank Him for that each morning. 

You can read the lyrics below, as you use them to worship God today. 

We bow our hearts, we lift our hands
We turn our eyes to you again
And we surrender to the truth
That all we need is found in You

Receive our adoration
Jesus, lamb of God
Receive our adoration
How wonderful you are

We choose to leave it all behind
And turn our eyes towards the prize
The upward call of God in Christ
You have our hearts, Lord take our lives

Every soul you’ve saved sings out
Everything you’ve made resounds
All creation’s standing now
Lifting up your name
We’re joining in the angel’s song
We’re gathered to your ancient throne
Children in our Father’s arms
Shouting out your praise

Do join us each week day at 12pm to pray, follow us on social media for more information.

Grace McCarthy