Sunday gatherings are a fun and indispensable part of life a St. George’s. We worship together, hear from the bible, talk about what we’ve seen God doing, and spend time in prayer seeking God’s Kingdom.

The Morning Gathering

Our 10:30 Morning Gathering is a welcoming and fun place to be whether you are exploring faith for the first time or you’re familiar with church life. We join together to worship in song, connect with others, pray together, and hear bible-based teaching.

Kids Church meets during this gathering. We usually sing and dance together before the children head out for bible teaching and games. Our team cannot wait to welcome you!

Getting to St. George’s

The Six

The Six, at our evening gathering there’s time to connect and make friends, to worship together, pray for each other, and hear from the Bible. The lights are lower and the music louder in the evening as we create space for us to encounter Jesus.

Do stick around at the end for our Hope Café time to hang out and connect with us.

Getting to St. George’s

What should I expect?


Our gatherings start off with a time of celebration, thanksgiving and passionate worship through music. This lasts about 25 minutes and is led from the front by a team of musicians. All the words for the songs will be shown on our screens for you to join in. We encourage you to relax and engage at your own pace in a way you feel comfortable.

As part of our act of worship, we often share short stories of what God has been doing in the life of the church and also what is coming up in the following weeks. We also express our thanks to God through our financial offerings during this time. As a guest, there’s no expectation for you to give, you can just pass the basket along.


After the worship, we have a relevant and inspirational talk from someone from our team. Our messages are hope-filled and geared towards living our lives to the fullest, as God defined them to be. Our talks are challenging, biblical, inspiring and applicable to our daily lives. They are usually between 20-25 minutes, and aren’t without the odd laugh or two!

At the end of the talk, we spend a few moments reflecting on the message and what that means for our lives. We encourage you to respond during this time in a way that’s comfortable for you. We usually end with a song that reflects our passion to take the specific message out to the world. We will also offer prayer at this point; if you would like to make a decision to follow Jesus or to ask God to work in an area of your life, do come forward or meet us in our prayer space.


Eucharist or Holy Communion is an important part of our life together. Here we break bread and drink wine to remember the body and blood of Jesus and celebrate his victory over sin and death on the cross. Communion takes places on the first Sunday of the month.

A chance to get connected

After our gatherings, we’d love to get to know you more! Do come over to our Hello Desk or introduce yourself to a staff member so we can help get you connected into community. If your kids are in Kids Church, please collect them now. This is also the point in the gathering where we share coffee together and spend time catching up with each other.

Getting to St. George’s