House Church

What is House Church?

House Church is how we we’re being a meaningful faith-filled community during these different times. A community that is still growing in faith, still serving our community and still being for each other.

Sunday Content

Content is available each Sunday which includes times of prayer, stories from across the church, worship from our worship team, times to pray, a talk, kids activities and an opportunity to connect either in households or online.

By doing this we will stay together as a local church, dispersed across Gateshead and the surrounding area. As we do so, our vision and values remain the same. We are here to see individuals, the community and the church Come Alive as we join in the making of all things new. A community that is Hope-filled, Creative, Celebrating and United.

House Church Connect

Alongside our House Church on Sundays, House Church Connects are vital as we intentionally pursue Jesus together. They meet throughout the week and are based around discipleship, belonging and mission.

We follow the patterns of Jesus, who loved God, loved the those around Him and loved the world.
As we imitate Him, we practice together what we learn in the Bible. We pray and worship, we look at our mission and purpose, and what it looks like to follow Jesus among our family, our friends and in our workplaces.

What is the best thing about House Church Connect?

What has God been doing through House Church Connect?


Youth is going online via Instagram live. We also have a youth response for the talks, Skype groups to connect in with and youth devotions throughout the week.

Lunchtime Prayer

Daily Prayer happen at 12pm each day on Facebook Live.

Stay Connected

Please stay in contact with us through this time, and especially if you are self-isolating or in need. You can email or text 07520631936.