A Different Kind of Attitude

A Different Kind of Attitude
Living Faith

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Rich helps us unpack the ever-challenging journey through James and points to the ways God seeks after our hearts and shows grace beyond grace, no matter how far away we feel.

Worship Suggestion: 

Read Psalm 111 together, pause for a moment and then share if a particular verse stood out to you and why.

Group Questions:

Before starting, just read out the following question, leaving a small pause after each on for people to reflect on and start off the discussion time with in mind. 

-How are you doing?

-How do you feel your life is different from where you want it to be?

-How is your faith shaping you in your day-to-day?

1. Read James 4:1-10. The problem of the heart is self-reliance, which leads to the quarrelling and arguing. We want to be our own masters. What gets you riled up and tempts you into that place of disagreement with others or with the world?

2. God longs for our hearts and passionately desires us, no matter how far we wonder off. 

‘But He gives us more grace…” No matter how far we feel from God, His love and grace always goes that one step further. This can be hard to comprehend. How does it make you feel? 

3. How do we accept it? How do we live in it? To chose to not be self reliant but live in His grace?

4. Surrender vs submission. Forcefulness vs choice. Submission is the desire to lay something down. Read Revelation 3:20. He will never force or demand surrender. He will simply keep asking “will you let me in?” How conscious are we in choosing to let God in? 


As at the beginning, read these questions out, giving a second to reflect between them. 

-Is it the day to choose to let him in?

-Maybe you’ve closed the door recently?

-Maybe you feel you once opened it and over time the door is creeping closed? 

-Are you being drawn into petty disputes because you’re not spending time with Him?

-Where is your faith today? Do you need to hear that nothing is lost til he calls it lost?

-Hows your heart? Have things grown up around it that stops it opening?

-What are we going to do? How do we have this different attitude? How will we receive grace?

Split off into smaller groups and pray for eachother, that our hearts would be open to Him.