A Different Kind of Outlook

A Different Kind of Outlook
Living Faith

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We conclude our James series by looking at James 5 and what it has to say about prayer and how we live our lives  by declaring His kingdom over a broken world.

Worship Suggestion:

Listen to the audio from the video “Spoken Word of Thanks – by Motion Worship” on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SAwKy9S3qs) and either just pray to close or invite people to speak out their own short prayers of thanksgiving in response to the overflow of praise to God. 

Group Questions:

1. Read James 5:13-20. “Almost Everybody Prays”.  Why do you think that is? What about prayer engages even those who don’t declare faith in the spiritual realm?

2. We get to live motivated by faith, not bound by fear. Praying and praising through the ups and downs of life, not just in one or the other as might be our tendency. How do we avoid building walls and hardening our heart whilst living our lives fashioned on Jesus?

3. James encourages us to pray for healing and to pray for each other in our struggles with temptation. How do you find this and what can we do as communities to make it happen, praying to the Good Father, aware of a broken world, but declaring His kingdom within it?

4. How can we be people shaped by prayer when it comes to evangelism? How can we live motivated by prayer as we share our faith and call people back to a place of being known?


Unsurprisingly our application this week is to pray. Spend time praying for each other to be equipped as evangelists, confident in our position as God’s children, that we would all be seeking the lost who God is calling us to point back to Him.