Accepting and Rejecting Testing Times

Accepting and Rejecting Testing Times
Living Faith

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Maddie takes us back to the very beginning of James and helps us unpack how to approach situations that we may not have seeked out and tempt us to despair, and the joy that God can bring in His graciousness.

Worship Suggestion: 

Read Psalm 111 together, pause for a moment and then share if a particular verse stood out to you and why.

Group Questions:

  1. Read James 1:1-8. What comes to mind when you think of perseverance? 
  2. What tendencies and temptations do you face when faced with disappointment or despair?
  3. How easy do we find it to be expectant of God’s wisdom, power and generosity?
  4. What is it about gods character that we’re looking for to help us in difficult times?
  5. James is helping us reframe the way we see life, what does that look like at the moment?


Holding onto God and trusting in His wisdom can provide us with a strong anchor when we go through hard times. How can we use this to support other people?

What does it look like to be communities of hope and joy whilst still accepting people where they’re at?

Pray together that we would become people and communities who hold fast to God’s joy and live expectantly of Him moving.