Ask, Seek & Knock

Ask, Seek & Knock

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As we head towards our final weeks on the Sermon on the Mount and the Patterns Jesus gives us to live by, we look at what He has to say about our Good Father and His love for His children.

Worship Suggestion: 

Where have you seen God moving in the last week? Or where have you seen God working through someone else? Share these together.

Group Questions:

1. Read Matthew 7: 7-12. How easily do we remember it’s God, a good and loving father, who we’re asking? What gets in the way?

2. When we come to God with things, are we truly seeking them, or are we just vaguely looking, cynical that any change can actually happen?

3. Share one place each that you’re passionate to see God’s Kingdom come.

4. How patient are we? Do we end up trying to barge the door down as we wait for God to answer? What can help us remember He’s actually the King of the Kingdom we seek and knows best?


Through this, we’re being invited to
-Know God
-Know what we’re about
-Know who’s in charge.
Share about places you’re having to be persistent in prayer and pray for those things together.