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Our next value is Celebrating! Not turned off to the pain of the world, we keep celebrating to remind ourselves and the world that the story ends in resurrection.

Worship Suggestion:

Part of the application section is to rejoice and share what God is doing, so maybe start the evening with a prayer or read Psalm 117 to kick off. 

Group Questions:

1. Celebrating. What does that word mean to you and what (or who!) comes to mind?

2. Read Luke 15:11-32. What stands out to you as you read this familiar passage?

3. Learning and choosing to celebrate together, as a community, in light of the resurrection whilst acknowledging the reality of this world is a powerful witness to our faith. What does this look like and how do we remain genuine in celebrating beyond suffering, not seeming to be “putting on a face”?


One of the ways this plays out is to celebrate as we go, celebrate the small things and big things that Jesus is doing in our lives. Spend time sharing what God is doing, as well as where you want God to move, and pray for both, celebrating and hoping for what’s to come.