Choosing Transformation

Choosing Transformation

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Sarah Bhatoe concludes our journey through the Sermon on the Mount and the Patterns we can live our life by with a look at what Jesus says about building our lives on Him, on His foundation and on the transformation that brings.

Worship Suggestion:

Read Psalm 130 together, then read it again. What is God saying to you through these words? What characteristics of God stand out to you?

Group Questions:

  1. Read Matthew 7:21-29. The difference in response to hearing God’s words shows in the choices made as the houses are built. How open are we to God influencing the foundations we build our lives on? Are we overly protective of certain areas?
  2. Sometimes things try to get in the way: apathy, business, idols, etc. Which of these or other examples tries to get in the way with your relationship with God?
  3. How do we keep saying yes to Jesus daily amidst these distractions? What choices can we make to live transformed lives?


Pray for each other in these areas, for our relationships with Jesus to be strengthened and for us to be communities that live out transformation.