Come Alive (2)

Come Alive (2)
This Is Us

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We’re onto our second week reflecting on the call to Come Alive, both in our own lives and in sharing that with the world around us. We look further into what it means, and some practical outpourings of it.

Worship Suggestion:

There’s power in thankfulness, particularly declaring them together, so spend some time sharing about what you’ve seen God do recently, either in your own life or that of those around you.  

Group Questions:

1. Read 1 Peter 2:4-10. What stands out to you?

2. It speaks of us being built into a bold, spiritual house that’s open to all, and part of a holy priesthood, ready to pray for God’s spirit in any situation. What do you think this looks like? How can we step into that, and how easy do you find it to remember you’re part of it, regardless of background or actions of the past?

3. Read Acts 8:14-17 & Acts 11:18. When we’re faced with our own “Samarias” (places seemingly without hope, places of rejection) is when our faith gets real, but we believe in a God who can speak life into those areas. Where’s your Samaria? Where are you called to be obedient in asking God to use your life to bring light to dark places?


Within an eternal perspective, we get to be part of a people who change society. Pray into those areas where you feel called to step out of your comfort zone or where God might want to speak life and hope through your weakness.