Patterns: Complete in Jesus

Patterns: Complete in Jesus

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Rich helps us unpack this next part of the Sermon on the Mount together and points to how we can step into the freedom that Jesus brings by being the completion of the Law and of the Prophets in the Old Testament.

Worship Suggestion:

Spend some time being thankful together. Listen to each person speak gratitude out loud as a worshipful offering to God. TIP: We’ve been praying for each other for many different topics over the last few weeks, share your answers to prayer!

Group Questions:

1. Read Matthew 5:17-20, and chat about what stands out to you from the passage and from Rich’s talk.

2. Read Romans 8:1-3. Rich pointed to the fact that the bridge that connected us to God was distorted and turned into a barrier with the introduction of the Law. Jesus brings freedom and connects us back to God. What barriers do we face today that cause us to need to pick between trying in our own strength or choosing to come to Jesus and letting Him be our path?

3.  Read Corinthians 1:20. Jesus was the completion; the fulfilling of the Law and of the prophets, who dreamed of a better reality. Jesus brings life as he completes what began in the Old Testament. How can we be people and communities who live in that better reality and hope for more in the situations around us?


Imagine you’re sat on the mountain listening to Jesus. He is saying that He’s completing the story that began back in Genesis, and He is then inviting you to follow Him.

Pray for each other that we would live in the life of freedom that is given to us and pray against any barriers that get in the way of that free-giving life in Christ.