Confidence in God’s Goodness

Confidence in God’s Goodness

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We had the privilege of welcoming Archie & Sam Coates on Sunday and Archie shared with us about how having God as our home base gives us confidence and security in Him as we step out each day and each week in our lives.

Worship Suggestion: 

Use the whole of Psalm 27 as your act of worship. Read through it together, maybe taking one verse each, and then share what spoke to you. 

Group Questions:

-Focusing on verses 13 and 14, what do you think it looks like to be people who live out of this confidence and founded on God’s goodness?

-Despair can end up looking like quiet cynicism. What helps you to focus on Jesus and hope rather than on the problems and the negativity that surround us?

-Learning to use God as our home base that we start from each day and each week from, and learning to live out of His nature, is key to us learning that level of conviction we see here. What steps can we take to learn this?


Pray for each other to know God closer, to find times in our lives to rest in Him, to find our identity in Him again and see His goodness in our lives.