Daniel: Holding On To Hope

Daniel: Holding On To Hope

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Rich points out that Daniel, in times of despair and exile, comes to God and prays. He turns to God in humility, he owns where he’s played a part to contribute to the brokenness in the world and he declares who God is over those situations. On this side of the resurrection we also get to hold on to hope by declaring Christs power over death and speak out that hope to the situations around us.

Worship Suggestion:

Telling stories to grow our faith is something we see throughout the Bible and a tool that Jesus uses time and time again. Spend time together sharing what we’ve each seen God doing, however big or small, whether it’s in our communities, in our own lives or in the lives of those around us. Have you been praying for something and seen God come through recently? Share that with the Group. 

Group Questions:

1. Re-read Daniel 9:1-19 to familiarise yourself with the prayer Daniel speaks out in the midst of his situation. His life has been ridden with pressure, pain and obstacles, yet he’s remained faithful to God throughout. How easy to we find it to be honest with God like Daniel is here in this passage? When we feel overwhelmed at the brokenness of the world, how do we respond?

2. Daniel’s choice of pronouns is intentional. He doesn’t accuse or shift blame, but takes ownership of the part he plays in the greater story. How do we shift our thinking and language from “them” to “us” in order to bring hope to brokenness?

3. As we started off by doing, declaring truths of who God is is powerful. God is righteous. Righteousness is about relationship, living in right relationship. One of the ways God exemplifies that is by saving us, rescuing us and coming through on His promises. How is God’s character humbling to us? How can our hope in Him release us to declare His hope around us in our relationships?


1 Chronicles 1:20.“For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God.”

Christ is the hope that Daniel is foreshadowing about in his prayer. We live in the reality of hope today, but how do we maintain this hope in Jesus?

What difference does it make to the world around us to believe in a God of justice and mercy?