Daniel: How to be here

Daniel: How to be here

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We begin our new series in Daniel: Living by faith by unpacking the first two chapters and seeing how it encourages us to stand firm in God. Rich also shares how, centuries before Christ comes, the story of Daniel points us to the cross, and how our lives can grow centuries after. 

Worship Suggestion:

Listen to My Hallelujah by Bryan and Katie Torwalt, a great song to engage our hearts with the follow-on from the Cross and the Easter story. 

Group Questions:

1. Re-read Daniel 1:1-20. What stands out to you in this passage and from Rich’s talk on Sunday?

2. What pressures do we face in our day-to-day that make it hard to stand out?

3. How do we live faithfully in the midst of this and choose the narrow road? (Matthew 7:13-14)

4. In Daniel 2, we see that he is motivated by his vision of God, and we are also able to be motivated by His resurrection. How can we create cultures who look to Jesus and His resurrection to make a difference?


When making decisions that affect us standing firm, we are encouraged to make Godly choices, choices that matter, choices made ahead of time and choices based on grace. Chat about what this looks like and how we can encourage each other to do this, and pray together.