Daniel: The Promise of Jesus

Daniel: The Promise of Jesus

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We head back into Daniel for our last week and see how, even 600 or so years before its time, there are hints and echos of Jesus and His resurrection at play.

Worship Suggestion:

Read Psalm 96 together. What does it look like for our day-to-day “fields to be jubilant” and for “all creation (to) rejoice before the Lord”? How can we encourage each other to praise God both in our own days and as a community?

Group Questions:

1. Sometimes the Old Testament can feel complicated, confusing or even at times offensive, but when looked at through the lens of Jesus, can be life-giving. Read through Daniel 7:1-14 and share about times where amidst chaos, you may have felt Jesus close to you. How did you feel and what aspects of Jesus’ character helped you remain calm?

2. The promise of Jesus in this passage is that He would be a Humble Servant, a Victorious Human and a Coming King. Which of these promises speak to you most and why? 

3. What we hope for, determines what we live for. If we hope for nothing, we live for nothing and live in despair. As a community, how do we remain hopeful by clinging on to resurrection and making a difference to what those around us cling to? How do we ourselves remain accountable and not let other influence or determine what we live for?


Spend some time praying for each other to feel re-awakened in hope and in the Holy Spirit.