David, Jesus and the Eternal Promise

David, Jesus and the Eternal Promise

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We’re concluding our David Series by looking at some of the ways it hints at Jesus’ coming and the fulfilment of the promises God speaks in the Old Testament.

Worship Suggestion:

Read through Isaiah 9:2-7, then play Emmanuel (God with Us) by Bryan and Katie Torwalt, either writing down or bringing to mind the many names of Jesus and who He is.

Group Questions:

  1. Read through 2 Samuel 7:4-19, what speaks to you from the passage and what Rich shared?
  2. It brings to mind the incarnation of Jesus and the grace God offers us, which mark our faith from other things of the world. Do you see God as distant or close? Do you allow yourself to worship Him in the tough areas rather than putting on a show?
  3. Luke 1:31-33 shows us the fulfilment of the promise that Jesus is. He’s born into difficulty, into rejection, into criticism. He knows what we’re facing, and He has already overcome it for us. What does this look like in our day to day, to remember He’s already won, and brought joy into the world?


God invites us to get involved with what He’s already building, to have hope again, to come before him, to ask for joy, and to learn to trust Him.