Disappointment and Joy

Disappointment and Joy

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Pete shares a great message with us about Joy and how to hold on to it when faced with disappointment and cynicism.

Worship Suggestion:

Last weekend was great, with two Carol gatherings and a great Morning Gathering, God was doing a lot throughout. Spend some time sharing what you’re grateful for, what stood out to you or a testimony from someone you invited along. 

Group Questions:

-Read Luke 1:5-25 and 57-66. Have a chat about the passage and what stood out to you from Pete’s message. 

-Whether it’s jobs, family, 400 years without a prophecy about the Messiah, or election results, we all face times of disappointment. How do we cope in these times? 

-When faced with Good News, do we find ourselves being cynical due to our past and stealing our joy?

-Thankfully, regardless of our response, God still hears our prayers and God still acts in our times of doubt. Can you think of a time where this might have been the case, you realised in retrospect that God was moving? Share stories together. 

Application / Prayer:

Emmanuel, means God with Us. His promise to remain with us eternally is a wonderful one. Spend time praying for places you need to be reminded of that, for yourself or people you know.