Finding the Path to Life

Finding the Path to Life

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Rich continues our dive into the Patterns by which we can live our lives as shown by Jesus through the Sermon on the Mount. We see how Jesus is the way to a full life and the intentionality we require to not be swept away by the wide road.

Worship Suggestion:

Listen to What a Saviour by HTB, a new song we’re learning together at the moment. It’s a great song that brings us back to the power of Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection. What speaks to you, and in what ways can ‘His name be praised’ in our daily lives?

Group Questions:

  1. Read Matthew 7:13-20. What are the things in your life or in culture that try to pull you into the wide road?
  2. Jesus says “I am the Way” but we also know that it’s by “grace alone” that we get to live in that fullness of life. How has Jesus made a difference in your life, and what intentional decisions have you had to make on the way to hold close to Him?
  3. Our Vision at St George’s is to ‘see individuals, the church and the community come alive in Jesus’ name’. What does this practically look like for your Group, your household or our Church?


Pray for each other to recognise God’s voice and His guidance as well as praying for those areas you shared about to Come Alive.