For Everyone. Always

For Everyone. Always
This Is Us

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Our last part of our series “This Is Us” is the reminder that in all our values, we are for everyone, always, no matter what’s behind or the reality may be right now, we hope for more and invite everyone into God’s Kingdom.

Worship Suggestion:

Spend some time sharing with each other some of the ways God has been faithful to you or your family over the summer, any answered prayers and times of blessing, to rejoice together in His Faithfulness. Give thanks at the end for what’s shared.

MORNING Group Questions:

  1. Read Luke 14:12-24. What stands out to you from this passage and from what Louise shared on Sunday?
  2. The passage highlights how easy it can be to find excuses in our life, and have a different set of priorities that cause us to miss what God is inviting us into. What does this make you think of in your life?
  3. Read 1 Corinthians 4:3. What do you think it looks like to not even judge yourself?
  4. Do we compare ourselves to each other and do we need to switch our record to the love of our father?

MORNING Application/Prayer:

The outcome of our values in light of this is to:

Be hope filled for everyone always.
Encourage creativity in everyone always.
Celebrate with everyone always.
Be united with everyone always.

Some of us get to be servants. To go out and bring everyone into the banquet God has prepared, whoever they are, there’s always room. What does it look like for our communities to do this?

Pray together in response to what’s stood out to you as a theme of the discussions.

EVENING Group Questions:

  1. Read Acts 3:1-10. What stands out to you from this passage and from what Maddie shared on Sunday?
  2. They encountered the man on their way. How easy do we find it to stop for people when we’re en route somewhere?
  3. They were met by the man’s brokenness, and drawn into his struggle. But they see him and they believe in a different narrative for his life. How does our initial reaction to brokenness differ to Peter and John’s of speaking out the name of Jesus?

EVENING Application/Prayer:

Do we feel like we’re walking with Jesus, and speaking out His name? If not, do we want to?

Invite the holy spirit to meet you as you pray for any areas or themes that have stood out in the discussion.