Genesis, Jesus and the Call to Come Alive

Genesis, Jesus and the Call to Come Alive

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As we take a small break from the Patterns series, Rich shares with us about the identity that God gives us from the beginning of time to bear His image, the call to represent Him through life and how we can use the name of Jesus as a powerful weapon in times of doubt.


Group Questions:

1. In the evening we looked at how God made us for relationship and called us to responsibility. What are your reflections on that?

2. Genesis 1:26-27 describes how God makes us and puts his imprint on us and calls us to Him. This passage is trying to tell us the intention for humanity is to bear his image and represent Him in the world. How do you experience that in your life? What’s your understanding of bearing the image of God in your life?

3. Rich also used Luke 3:22 and Luke 4:1+14 to point us to how the things spoken over humanity in Genesis are repeated in Jesus. We may sometimes doubt these truths (our identity) and the calling to life (our purpose), but when Jesus is faced with the questions, He passes the test and stands up to the lies of the enemy on our behalf. How can we use the power of the name of Jesus to speak life into situations in our lives and those of people we know?


Ask someone to read out Ephesians 2:4-7 as a prayer over the group. You could use it to pray over specific situations in people’s lives too.