God or Bust (Tim Matthews)

God or Bust (Tim Matthews)

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It was great to hear from Tim this week and hear what’s on his heart for the Church, the power of God’s presence and the opportunity to partner with Him in His work.

Worship Suggestion:

Use Romans 8:28-39 as a praise to God, maybe read one verse each and at the end pray with thankfulness at how great God’s love is, how faithful He is and how He’s promised to remain with us through all.

Group Questions:

The talks in the morning and evening were slightly different, so feel free to check with the group if you’d rather focus on a particular talk or both his messages across the day and what they spoke to you about.

1. “The Church is a supernatural entity, a family with God at the centre”. If God’s there, the word gets around. How do we think this would look for St George’s? Where have you already seen God move and and the “buzz” that follows?

2. Read 1 Corinthians 14:1 & 3.  Love must be at the centre of all we do and we’re invited to eagerly desire God’s presence, not just to be “open for it” but eagerly desiring it. What do you eagerly desire in your own life? How about as a community?

3. What is God asking us or you to pursue and how do we seek the presence of Jesus in the every day?

The Six.
1. Having a vision is key to a fulfilled life in Christ, as it gives us the ability to see God’s ways and God’s perspectives. Proverbs 29:18 says that those who have no vision, cast off restraint, at St George’s our Vision is to see people Come Alive as we Love God, Love Each Other and Love Our World. How does this idea of “Come Alive” speak to you? How can we be communities with vision?

2. Read Genesis 11:31-12:8 together to remind yourselves of the passage. Tim spoke of an epic journey of adventure with God where we’re led out of a place of robbers and demons, travel through the high and dry and resist the temptation to settle in the blessed in between in order to reach the house of God, His presence. How can we support each other as we journey both individually and together? How do we get through each of those grounds into what God has for us?


A church that’s alive with a sense of God’s presence brings the dead to life. Spend some time asking God to fill you with His spirit and His presence to be among you. Pray into any of the areas you’ve spoken about that you’d like to see come to life in Christ.