This Is Us

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We’re continuing our discovery of who we are as a church by looking at our first value, being Hope-Filled. How does this look in a frustrated world and how do we hold onto that hope when faced with suffering?

Worship Suggestion:

Give out some pens and paper, listen to Good & Loved by Travis Greene & Steffany Gretzinger and while you listen, write down any lyrics that stand out to you, or doodle what the worlds inspire you to think about on a piece of paper. You can decide whether to get your group to share what they’ve done or just let people take their artwork and ponderings home. 

Group Questions:

1. What do you think of when you hear the word “Values”? Do you have particular values you live by?

2. Read Romans 8:18-25 and 31-39. What in this passage speaks to you?

3. Whenever Paul speaks of hope, he does it in conjunction with suffering, inferring that hope isn’t a naive ignorance of reality, but a response to the current world, a frustrated world in need of liberation. 

What would you say your hope is based on?

4. Read Romans 5:4-5. Perseverance isn’t pretending it’s not happening, it’s taking small steps forward in hope of what’s to come. What does it look like to be a hope-filled people whilst standing in the tension of the now-and-not-yet?


We may often find that God is resident but not evident in our lives. We know He’s there and has promised His Spirit, but we may not always show that hope-filled life. Has there been a time where God has brought you to that place that encourages you in times of suffering?
Pray that we’d be a hope-filled people and into situations each might be facing.