Humans of Faith: Mordecai

Humans of Faith: Mordecai
Humans of Faith

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Pete brings us a message about the steadfast faith of Mordecai in Esther: 4:1-17. Mordecai understood that God was faithful, which allowed him to have total faith that God would save His people. Pete explores some of the features of Mordecai’s steadfast faith: it feels emotion, it’s proactive and it invites others to play their part.

Worship Suggestion
Listen to ‘I Rely on You’ by 10,000 Fathers (Taylor Breen).
Optional: grab some pens and paper, reflect on what God is saying to you.
1. Reread through Esther 4:1-17, what speaks to you from the passage?
2. Mordecai had faith that even though everything seemed to be going wrong, God would deliver His people. Can you share a time when God has come through for you?
3. Often our emotional response is an alarm bell to injustice. What areas of injustice do you see in the community where you’re believing God will bring deliverance?
4. Mordecai invited Esther to play her part in what God was doing. How can we be people who invite others to play their part?
Discuss how your group can be people who encourage each other in their faith. Pray for each other – particularly anyone who wants to grow in faith in God.