Humans of Faith: Ruth

Humans of Faith: Ruth
Humans of Faith

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Louise shares with us to end our series, Humans of Faith, looking at the faithfulness of Ruth, in Ruth 1:15-18. What does Naomi do when she finds herself in a place of hopelessness and despair? How does Ruth show faithfulness and courage despite the great personal cost to her? Knowing that Jesus is faithful and courageous for us how do we begin to stand beside people.

Worship Suggestion:

Read Psalm 145 as inspiration to speak out praise to God one-by-one. You can use verses from the Psalm or your own words, listen to each other speak out short sentences of thankfulness, love and worship to God, focusing on His character and love for us.


Read Ruth 1:16-21 and Ruth 4:14-17 to remind you of these key parts of Ruth and Naomi’s stories.

  1. Making a decision to be part of God’s family was one that brought life and joy but also one that involved making some sacrifices. What was it that first drew you into relationship with God, or into starting your journey of faith?
  2. In a place of feeling hopelessness and despair, Naomi goes by the name Mara, meaning bitterness. At the end of the story, having been reminded of God’s love, she’s goes again as Naomi, meaning pleasantness. Sometimes we believe the lies spoken over us and blame ourselves for our circumstances, but God wants us to live full of love and grace and knowledge of Him. How do we protect ourselves agains the lies of the world and remain close to God’s faithfulness and truth?
  3. Ruth experienced God’s faithfulness and love and was then able to extend that to Naomi. There are times when we are the ones extending God’s love to others, and times where we need that reminder extended to us. Jesus is our prime example of love, faithfulness and courage. As a community, how do we ensure we look out for each other in a way that encourages faithfulness and courage?


Pray for anyone in your group or who you know who needs to know God’s faithfulness and love in their lives right now. 

Pray that God would build us up to be people who bring faithfulness and courage to those around us.