Humans of Faith: Thomas

Humans of Faith: Thomas
Humans of Faith

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Rich kicks off our new series, Humans of Faith. We look at Thomas and his honesty about his doubts in John 20:24-31. How does Thomas react when he has doubts? What does this show us about our own discipleship and how we react as a community when others have doubts?

Worship Suggestion:

Read Psalm 40 together and share about the promises of God that are spoken about in this passage.


1. Reread John 20:24-31. What are your reflections?

2. Thomas wasn’t there when Jesus appeared to the disciples. Now he expresses doubts in the face of the belief of the disciples joy and excitement. He’s real about his doubts. How easy do we find it to express our questions and doubts?

3. Thomas stayed in the room even though he doubted. How we can create spaces where people can be real about where they are at?

4. Jesus met with Thomas and dispelled his doubts. Often we read this as though Jesus is angry with Thomas for doubting., but in fact his doubts lead to intimacy. “Touch my wounds, see what has happened.” Through evidence, experience and story, how we can allow our doubts to lead us to intimacy? How do we handle our and other people’s questions?

5. Thomas remains soft-hearted so that his doubts leads to intimacy and then worship. How can we ensure that we are cultivating a soft-heart towards God? 


Discuss how your group can be a place where people can move from doubt to intact and worship. Pray for each other and anyone you know who might have questions at the moment.