Integrity, Relationship & Religion

Integrity, Relationship & Religion

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We return to our look at the Sermon on the Mount, our Patterns series we’ve been digging in and out of for the last year and a half. We start by looking at what Jesus has to say about prayer, fasting and how we conduct ourselves with integrity throughout our lives.

Worship Suggestion:

A question we often ask people when they get baptised or when talking about Alpha is “What different has Jesus made (or is making) in your life?”. Ask the group this question, encourage everyone to give an answer. Our answers give glory to God and bring our attention fully back onto Him, which in itself is an act of worship.

Group Questions:

  1. Read through Matthew 6:5-18. What stood out to you from the passage and from what Pete shared with us?
  2. Hypocrisy can be a difficult thing to interact with. We’re quick to spot it in others, yet avoid acknowledging our own lacks of integrity, sometimes even with our relationship with God. How can we be people who put down the masks and our pride and step into the relationship Jesus offers us?
  3. What does your prayer life look like? As communities, how can we encourage each other to pray, not just when we gather in groups but in our own days, too?


Share together where you’d love to see God move. Then use Jesus’ words in verses 9-13 to lead your prayer time. Each person can take a line or two, pray it out and then also pray for anything else that’s come up that fits within that theme.