Interviews with Nicky and Pippa Gumbel

Interviews with Nicky and Pippa Gumbel

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This week we were excited to welcome Nicky and Pippa Gumbel, leaders of HTB and pioneers of Alpha, to St George’s. Listen in to hear what they had to share about faith, the church and living full lives in Christ.

Worship Suggestion:

Use Psalm 103 to highlight the aspects of God’s character which speak to you today through the passage. Encourage each other with how great God’s love is and its impact on our lives.

Group Questions:

1. Share together what parts of the Gumbel’s story and conversations stood out to you.

2. Through the interview there were three strong themes; unity, sharing our faith and living generously. Spend some time chatting about each of these aspects of our journey and how we can grow in these areas personally. 

3. How about as a community? How can we grow in unity, evangelism and offering generously to those around us?


Spend some time praying for each other, that that Holy Spirit would meet each person and fill you up, with peace, joy, healing or whatever you need at this point. As you pray for each other, listen to God for words of encouragement and share them with them.