Interviews with Sakie and Bishop Paul

Interviews with Sakie and Bishop Paul

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This week at St George’s we had the privilege of interviewing two followers of Christ with very different stories and circumstances, and asking them how they got to know Jesus and the difference He has made in their lives. It was a really inspirational evening where we were all brought back to remember the Cross as central to our lives.

Worship Suggestion:

Read Psalm 116 together, and share what verse or aspect of God stands out to you, or if it brings to mind another scripture or truth about Him.

Group Questions:

1. On Sunday we heard from Sakie and Bishop Paul about their life, their journey to faith and the difference that Jesus has made in their lives. What stood out to you from their stories?

2. As Group Leaders, it could be a really great opportunity to share your own journey of faith, so as briefly as you wish, share with the Group how you chose to follow Christ and the difference He has made to your life.

3. Ask the Group to share what difference Jesus has made in their life. It can be a word, a phrase or a story, but do try to get everyone to share, as there’s strength in the vulnerability that comes with openness and power in the sharing of God’s testimony together to spur each other on.

4. Hopefully, you’ll be feeling inspired by the amazing ways that God works through people’s lives. How can we take this and learn how to share it more outside of Group, in our workplaces, families, friendships, etc?


Give thanks together for who Jesus is, and pray for each other that He would remind us this week of what we’ve each shared.
Pray with those of the Group who particularly feel that need at the moment and that as a community we would naturally share our faith story with those around us.