Jesus Before Everything

Jesus Before Everything

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Pete spoke to us from Luke 9:57-62.

Pete shares with us about how Jesus invites us to follow Him, because he loves us – not to earn his love. We may find that putting Jesus first will mean putting Him before comfort. But from putting Jesus before everything will come great peace, joy and all things will fall into place. By putting Him first we are at our best for us but also for the good of the Kingdom.

Worship Suggestion
Listen to the song ‘Nothing but Grace’ by Chris Sayburn. It speaks of truths about God that remind us to stand strong in Him and depend on Him when we’re weak. Listen to the words and share together how it inspires you about God’s character and love.

Group Questions

1. Reread Luke 9:57-62. What stands out to you from the passage?

2. The first man tells Jesus: ‘I will follow you wherever you go’. Jesus responds by telling him that there will be a cost to following him. Have you ever felt a cost to following Jesus?

3. With each of the men who approach him, Jesus discerns the thing in their life that that they are prioritising above him. Are there places in our lives where we need to prioritise Jesus again?

Application: Jesus challenges those who want to follow him not to allow themselves to be distracted, but to stay focussed on him and to proclaim God’s kingdom now. As followers of Jesus, how can we do this in the places we find ourselves right now?