Jesus, Truth, Lies + Whitewashed Tombs

Jesus, Truth, Lies + Whitewashed Tombs

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As we continue through Matthew and Jesus speaking on the Mount, we see that what He is saying is designed to bring us back to Jesus, not to add to the list of “to dos”. We’re invited to be transformed through encounter, not to try to change ourselves in order to fit a mould to be allowed to encounter. 

Worship Suggestion:

This week on our journey through our Discipleship topics, we’re looking at GIVE, whether that’s our money, our time, our words or our talents. Spend some time chatting about how you’ve grown in your relationship with God by doing this. Maybe it’s being part of a team here or having been in one in the past, giving back to God (finances or talents) out of His generosity, or times where someone’s encouragement has been well-timed and helped your faith. 

Group Questions:

1. Read Matthew 5:33-37. How do we battle “fake news” or untruths in our day-to-day?

2. The gap between what we put forward and what we believe is getting further and further apart, the truth is getting divorced from reality, authenticity is no longer a desirable attribute… but inauthenticity leads to distance which leads to us becoming lost. 

How do we be people who hold to authenticity and integrity when everything around us draws us away?

3. In Matthew 23, Jesus is challenging the listeners by using funeral language about the effect of this disunity between what’s true and what’s presented. Calling the pharisees “blind guides, hypocrites and whitewashed tombs”, but ending by saying how he “longs to gather us in”. What distracts us from the reality of God’s love and causes us to put on a face or follow perceived rules in order to earn God’s love?


God is constantly affirming His mercy, His love and His justice, pray for each other that we’d be people who celebrate these attributes in the way we live out authentic lives.