Joining in with God’s Plan

Joining in with God’s Plan
Naturally Supernatural

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Rich brings us the final week of our series, Naturally supernatural, where we’ve been exploring the Holy Spirit and living lives in which the expectation of God moving is totally normal to us. This week, Rich explores Acts 11:1-18 as we look at how Peter joins in with what God is doing. How do we join in with God? How do we look for signs of god moving, be open to His leading and act with humility?

Worship Suggestion:

Listen to “Death Was Arrested” by North Point InsideOut, and reflect on the freedom that Christ brought through his death on the Cross. Anxiety, pain, worry and fear are no match to the freedom offered to us by God and his promise to be with us through all, so allow God to take any burdens in your life through his love and power.

Group Questions:

Reread Acts 11:1-18. What is God saying to you through his passage? What are your reflections from Sunday’s message?

1. Peter explains his actions by listing the ways that God was moving ahead of him. Where do you see God moving at the moment?

2. Peter is open to God’s leading in his life. The vision happened three times, just as he had failed three times and just a three times he had been commissioned to follow Jesus on the beach in John 21. Peter’s heart was soft to God’s leading. How do you remain soft hearted so that you can keep following the Spirit’s lead? Where do you hear Jesus calling you?

3. Peter acts with humility. We are told that Peter remembered the words of Jesus and then, in explaining his actions, asks ‘who was I to stand in the way of God?’. Peter has gone on a remarkable journey from challenging Jesus to seeing himself as someone who is to join with what God is doing rather than stand in the way. How can we act with humility? How can we join with what God is doing


Where is God asking you to join in with His plan? Pray with each other to humbly follow His lead in those areas.