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Throughout the summer we’re unpacking Psalm 139 together and seeing how it offers us an insight into our identity in Christ and also an invitation to rest well in Him, particularly throughout August. 

This week we looked at verses 1-6 and at John 4:1-26 for an example of how Jesus in His ministry portrayed the truth that we are “Known”.

1. Have a read through the passages and have a chat about what you understand as to be “known”. 

2. In His encounter at the well, Jesus highlights how we are accepted and loved just as we are, regardless of our past. How does that make us feel? How might we live lives in a way that portray this freedom?

3. The woman does then go off to tell everyone what has happened and her life is never the same. Also many others come to know Jesus by her sharing her story. How often do you tell others of your own story of being known by God and what parts of it might be exactly what someone needs to hear to discover Jesus?