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We conclude our Summer Series: Known by looking at how Jesus guides and leads us in any situation, regardless of where our heart is at.

1.  What would you say makes a “Good Leader”?

2. Read John 21 (or ask someone to share a summary). Jesus here is mirroring His first encounter with the disciples, reminding them or how they were called to follow. He is a relational, caring leader, a good shepherd. Does God ever remind you of how you first met Jesus to draw you back to Him?

3. Read Psalm 139: verses 23-24. Read them again in a different translation if someone has it. How easy do we find it to be honest with ourselves, each other and God about what goes on in our thoughts? How do you feel about the request to “Search me, Lord…”?

4. Often, in times of uncertainty, we retreat to a place of familiarity and comfort, when instead we should be running to Jesus. What do you run to in fear, anxiety and uncertainty, what comforts you?

It can be hard to ask for help and guidance but it builds relationship. Pray into situations where we each need God to lead us and for each of us to learn to be more vulnerable with Him.