Measures, Planks, Pigs & Pearls

Measures, Planks, Pigs & Pearls

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We encounter a rather crazy passage through our look at the Sermon on the Mount and the Patterns that God calls us to live in. What is Jesus saying here and how can we learn to see the beauty of the gospel in our every day lives?

Worship Suggestion:

Listen to Over & Over by Influence Music and maybe share what goodness it makes you think of, a moment in nature, an interaction at work, or simply what line stands out to you.

Group Questions:

  1. Read Matthew 7:1-6. What a passage! “Do not judge” does fit quite a modern mantra, but Jesus’ emphasis is that the measures we use when we do that can become our own pitfall. Jesus speaks of us being loved and living in grace instead. What does this look like?
  2. He then invites into a new world view: a gospel of transformation. Acknowledging we have messy lives and weaknesses, but living authentically out of our security as loved children of God. Do you have examples of how sharing about transformation in your own life inspires others, rather than when we (often wrongly) just point out where others need to change?
  3. Finally Jesus addresses the pearls and the pigs. How often are we looking at the Bible as “what use is this to me and how will it help me achieve my goals?”. How do we transition into seeing the gospel as beautiful and precious and therefore affect the way we see those around us?


Jesus is calling us to see the beauty of the gospel, to live in it, and to share it with those around us. What does this look like? Pray together that we’d become people who see, live and share God’s beauty daily.