More Present than the Pressure

More Present than the Pressure
David: Worshipper & Warrior

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We return to our David series and hear about the tangible experience of God’s presence, how it’s not to be controlled by us, but that it’s freely available to us through Jesus.

Worship Suggestion

Listen to Advent Hymn (Renewed) by Christy Nockels, listening to what God wants to share with each of us in this Advent time and maybe share together at the end.

Group Questions

1. Read 2 Samuel 6:1-16.  It’s quite a story! What spoke to you in the passage, or what stood out to you from what Rich shared with us?

2. Would you say you’ve ever experienced the presence of God? What was that like?

3. There’s a struggle in the passage regarding trying to control God, to put Him in a box, or keep Him where we want Him in our own human way. How does this come up in our own lives and what can we do to un-learn these habits?


Because of Jesus, we’re able to experience God every day. Spend some time praying together that in this season of Advent we’d remember again to rejoice in that truth and experience Him working in and through our lives.