Overflowing Worship

Overflowing Worship
David: Worshipper & Warrior

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We discover a bit more to David’s journey to the throne and how his private times of worship form his foundation for how he lives all areas of his life, and how this points us to how Jesus spent time with His Father.

Worship Suggestion:

In preparation for chatting about David and his personal worship, read Psalm 23 out. Then read it again.  Share any lines that stand out to you or something God has reminded you of through reading it. 

Group Questions:

1. Read 1 Samuel 16:14-23. Saul’s heart was becoming distant from God as he wasn’t walking with God day-to-day anymore, and had orientated his life towards himself. However, he was uplifted by someone else’s faith and outward expression of worship. Can you think of a time where this has been the case? Do you have someone who’s faith helps you to look up to God in hard times?

2. As we read in Psalm 23 earlier, it’s during David’s ordinary days spent with God that his trust in God forms and his worship becomes personal. David orientates his life towards God. How does this and how else could this look in our lives?

3. Before being commissioned to “do stuff”, we’re anointed by God’s Spirit and called into relationship with Him, just like David, and just as Jesus mirrors later on. How easy do we find it to remember we’re called and accepted? What gets in the way of us truly living out our identity as God’s Children?


Share a bit about what helps you spend time with God, how we can encourage each other and pray for each other.