St. George’s Weekend – Groups at St. George’s

Rich shares with us a heart for discipleship and community at St. George’s. Why do we think learning to be in community together is as important as Sundays? How do we think Jesus models discipleship in community?

St. George’s Weekend Session 1 – Receiving God’s Love

Ric Thorpe joins us for our church weekend, diving into Luke 15 and The Story of The Prodigal Son. He unpacks how encountering the love of our Father in heaven, in turn, allows us to love Him, love one another and love our world, as well as how we can pray confidently to continue encountering…


Imitate His Love For One Another

Rich looks at what it means to be church. How does Jesus model the community aspect of the three great loves? We look at three meals exploring the idea of a community where everyone is welcome, where everyone is celebrating salvation and where everyone can learn to be open and love one another.

Imitate His Love For The Father

Louise brings us this powerful reminder of how our relationship with God our Father, our Abba, brings us guidance through life’s decisions, provides us with a secure identity and comforts us in times of need, and how his unconditional love is accessible to all. Which of those aspects of your relationship with God (guidance, identity, comfort…


Imitate Me

Rich kicks off our new series as we start to look at patterns of discipleship. This week we heard through 1 Corinthians 4:14-17 how as disciples we should seek to imitate Jesus in all areas of our lives. What do you think being an authentic disciple means? What areas of your life can you imitate…


Recognising The King

Rich brings a message for Epiphany Sunday as we look at the Magi visiting Jesus in Mathew 2:1-12. Who is the King of our lives as we head into 2018? Will we recognise the places where we try to rule our own lives?

Christmas Means We Can Be Free

Pete shares with us from the second half of 1 John 1:1-10 looking at freedom. What does John mean when he talks about God being light? Pete explores how The Light shows things as they really are and how it sets us free.

Bless The City

Rich shares from Jeremiah 29:4-7 on being a people who bless the place in which we live.