Patterns: Salt and Light

Patterns: Salt and Light

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Louise unpacks the next section of the Sermon on the Mount and delves into how Jesus helps us see how important it is to be salt and light in our lives for the sake of those around us.

Worship Suggestion:

Read Psalm 138, taking a small pause after each verse for everyone to repeat the verse quietly to themselves and finish by declaring out Psalm 117 all together out loud.

Groups Suggestions:

1. Read Matthew 5: 13-16 together. What stood out to you from the talk on Sunday?

2. Jesus is the ultimate light source, when our light flickers or goes out, life loses meaning; but Jesus, the root of our love and redemption, gives us life every time we go back to him. How does this passage change our understanding of our faith and how it affects those around us?

3. What does it look like to be salt and light in your current circumstance / for each other / in the world?


Highlight a theme that may have been a common one through the evening and pray into that for eachother, that we would be salt and light in our communities and lives.