Patterns: The Beginning of the Greatest Sermon Ever Told (Part 3)

Patterns: The Beginning of the Greatest Sermon Ever Told (Part 3)

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Rich closes our weeks on the beatitudes by looking at Matthew 5:10-12 and what these verses mean for our lives and our patterns of discipleship.

Worship Suggestion:

In Luke 1:46-55, Mary sings a song of Praise to God in the midst of her situation, with the shock, confusion, worry and rejoicing all coming together in this “magnificat”.
Read it together and after, continue it on by speaking out your own statements to follow on the trend “for He…”  (It might help to start with “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour, for He…”)

Group Questions:

1. Re-read Matthew 5:1-12, noting Jesus’ choice to end with these words. What stood out to you from the talk on Sunday and reading through it again?

2. It’s important to stand with and pray for those who are in the depths of persecution around the world, whilst also appreciating that we can find ourselves in less severe but equally as damaging circumstances in our own lives. Chat about what some of these might be or a time you may have lost as a result of your faith in Jesus.

3. How do we maintain commitment to Jesus (Step of Yes) whilst avoiding labelling others and becoming part of the problem? How about as a community?

4. The passage has been full of invitation, and then ends with one command; Rejoice and be glad. How easy to we find it to hold to the truth of our reward being in heaven and how can we support that in each other?


Spend some time praying for the current persecuted church and places we know of where those who believe in Jesus risk their lives by doing so.

Pray for each other that we may keep secure in our faith in Jesus, even when it might be hard and against the world’s desires.