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At pentecost, Rich explores Acts 2 and what it means to have the Holy Spirit in us.
God comes to live with us and in us and blows the expectations wide open.

Worship Suggestion:

Put on a calm worship song of your choice (maybe from a Bethel without-words album) and spend the time writing down (on paper or phone) either a letter of thankfulness to God or simply a list of things you’re thankful for. At the end open the floor to prayers of thanksgiving to God for his faithfulness to us. 


Re-read Acts 2: 1-4, 14-21, and 37-47 and reflect on what is happening at Pentecost. What stands out to you?

1. When the Spirit comes on the disciples in the upper room, God is beginning a new moment where his presence on the earth resides with people. Paul develops this idea so that people are called temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:19). What does it mean to live life from this amazing status of being the place where God’s presence resides?

2. The temple was a sign of God’s presence with a people. If we are temples of the Spirit, then we become a sign of God’s presence with people, revealing to the world the grace of God. How can you be someone who carries with them the grace of God?

3. Peter is emboldened by the Spirit. When people wonder what is going on, he stands up and announces the story of Jesus, revealing to his hearer the story of salvation. He proclaims the kingdom message. How we can we be people who stand up and say ‘Listen to this: Jesus of Nazareth…’


God’s presence is an invitation to our worlds to know his grace and healing. Where in our community can we be people who invite others to experience his presence?

Pray for each other to be filled with the Spirit.