Kingdom Come

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We close our mini-series on Kingdom Come by looking at Acts 2 and how the Spirit filled the early church to have a vision to share their faith with everyone, young and old, near and far, that leads to a movement that means we can worship God today, wherever we are.

Worship Suggestion:

On Sunday we saw 4 people get baptised and share stories of how God met them and brought them closer to Him. Testimony is a powerful tool that can really lead us into an attitude of worship at our amazing God. How about either yourself or any of the members of your group shares their story of how they came to faith, and don’t forget to thank them at the end! It can be very vulnerable!

Group Questions:

1. Re-read Acts 2:1-21. What might it have been like to be there? What’s your experience of the Holy Spirit and how do you recognise it moving in your life?

2. Throughout Acts, we see how the early disciples are utterly amazed at God’s power in their lives, but it does take some letting go when things feel scary (remember the waterslide story!). How easy or hard do we find it to let God work through and in us in our day to day? What gets in the way?

3. The prophecy from Joel in the passage comes from a time where the question was “What does it mean to believe in God when the world isn’t going our way?” One of the ways is through Visions and Dreams being reawakened. But they’re not about the self, but about being drawn into a greater vision. What does this say to you about what God is doing in our communities?


The early church doesn’t just stay amazed at God and stick at worship…they go out and share the good news with everyone they meet. How can we become communities that encourage the cynical to dream again and the downhearted to know they have a purpose? Pray into these areas.