Security & Status

Security & Status

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We continue our journey through the Sermon on the Mount and see what Jesus has to say about where we put our security in and what our treasures say about us.

Worship Suggestion:

Read Psalm 24 together, and afterwards, invite everyone to speak out again the line that stood out to them or spoke to them and briefly share why. 

Group Questions:

  1. Read Matthew 6:19-34. Based on what Jesus says here, what do you think you find security in? Or what do you live for?
  2. How we see affects how we walk and live our lives. What do you choose most? What lens do you find yourself seeing through that you want Jesus to change?
  3. How do you usually deal with worry? How might this look different living what Jesus says?


Know your worth, Cast your cares, Appreciate now and Dream big for God’s Kingdom. Is there a particular one that you’re finding particularly challenging right now? Pray together for these things.