Spirit-Filled Church

Spirit-Filled Church
Kingdom Come

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We continue our series, Kingdom Come, as we keep praying for God to bring an awakening to our community by looking at the early church in Acts and the way they live generous, radical lives in light of Jesus’ resurrection.

Worship Suggestion:

There’s an inherent beauty in the simplicity of scripture over the broadness of life.

Jesus said “I’m the truth, the way and the life”, something we may have heard hundreds of times or this might be our first. But the way it plays out in life can be tricky and nuanced and different, especially when facing things we don’t see clearly are before us.

We know we’re supposed to trust God, whatever we’re facing. We may feel something within us begging us to trust Him again…over family, over community, acknowledging the unknowns of life…

Listen to The Way (New Horizon) by Pat Barrett,and think of where you may need a new horizon to set on, where He meets us with mercies that are new, regardless of struggles and doubts that curb our vision, but that come to us as we set our eyes on Jesus, the way the truth and the life.

Group Questions:

1. Read Acts 2:42-47, does this sound like the kind of community you’d like to be part of? How does it differ to this one?

2. The early church lived out radical devotion, radical generosity and radical growth. Share examples of when you’ve seen these attributes on display, both in individuals and in communities, and how we can learn to live this way.

3. In what ways are these attributes countercultural to our world today and in what way could they be mistaken for other aspects of modern culture?


One of the ways to become Spirit-Filled churches and communities is to rejoice and celebrate what the spirit has done in the past, both in our region and in our own lives and then to long and thirst for that to happen again, now.
If you haven’t already, share some stories of the Spirit moving and spend time praying for that to happen now, in our communities, our workplaces, out streets and families.