Start New: New Community

Start New: New Community
Start New

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Rich continues our series on Start New by helping us to engage with how to become a New Community, one that is framed by God’s grace and not the lenses the world offers.

Worship Suggestion:

Listen to Goodness of God by Bethel and thank God together (either in prayer or in conversation) for His goodness, his love and faithfulness through the years on in a specific situation right now.

Group Questions:

1. Read through Romans 12:3-15 together and then repeat verse 3. What is God saying to you through this passage and through Rich’s talk on Sunday?

2. We believe we were born for community, to be known, to be loved. The Community that Paul is speaking of here is one of grace, connected like a body. Grace brings compassion instead of judgement, love instead of condemnation.

In this verse he gives us a framework to live by grace. Being honest about where we’re at. Not just about how the see the world but how we see ourselves as that affects how we see the rest. 

How does this differ to the way the world frames our view of community?

3. What lenses do we put on to see the world? Success? Failure? Doubt? Disappointment? All these are things things to be redeemed but can end up becoming a lens and becoming all the more consuming. How do we avoid them?


We believe in a community where you can come as you are and discover Jesus. We offer an invitation to the world to join a group you can come to and be transformed in. 

How do we live this example?
Pray that each of us would do this over the coming weeks, to our colleagues, our families and friends.