Start New: New Habits

Start New: New Habits
Start New

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Rich finishes off our Series on Start New by delving into the last part of Romans 12 and helping us learn how to be disciples who live in the manner Jesus did, sharing our lives honestly together, in peace, and going over and above for those around us.

Worship Suggestion:

Use the song “Nothing Else” by Cody Carnes to help open up your hearts ahead of the time of discussion and to come back to God honestly before you allow him to change your heart through the conversation and bible readings. 

Group Questions:

1. Read through Romans 12:9-21 (suggestion: straight out of the song). Rich shared that discipleship is teaching what Jesus taught and doing what Jesus did in the manner that He did it.
How can the examples in this passage align with this rather than just going through the motions?

2. They said of Jesus: “How can He eat with those people?”. Practicing hospitality means more than simply saying hello or the occasional invite, it means opening up our lives and allowing people in as we drop the mask. Do we find this easy or hard? What gets in the way?

3. How about rejoicing and weeping with each other?

4. Rich helped us unpack what the verse about the coals may mean, that we make our enemies our neighbours by acting out of love towards them, becoming signs of peace in the world. How can this change our attitude towards serving others?


Our call as Jesus’ disciples is to Come Alive in everything around us. To let down the masks. What radical changes can we make to grow together in this way? What difference can we make in people’s lives by living in Jesus’ manner, not just in His words.