The Hidden Life

Alive Church Podcast
Alive Church Podcast
The Hidden Life

We kick off our new series on David: Worshipper & Warrior by looking at how God saw his heart above any other physical or practical attribute that would validate him as king. We look at the parallels with Jesus and how we’re called God’s children, anointed by His spirit and open to a life of relationship with Him.

Worship Suggestion:

As we start our new series on David, we’ll be looking at our personal relationships with Jesus as well as our communal ones. Listen to I Will Wait For You by Shane & Shane, which gives us great language to say to God as we talk about all this and also a great way to prepare our hearts to share together. 

Groups Questions:

1. Read 1 Samuel 16:1-13. Do you find yourself posturing yourself, taking confidence and security from your physical attributes or your skills? Or catch yourself portraying a false front stage and hiding other things backstage?

2. God sees an openness in David and Jesus mirrors this by spending His time with those who are open, broken, who don’t feel like they’re on top of things. How easy do you find it being open and vulnerable with God with all aspects of your life or saying “Here I am, Lord, look at my life”?

3. The Spirit’s anointing gives us a sense of grounding and a purpose, sometimes through a whisper, sometimes a shout, but always in relationship with Him. What do you think it would take to live in this reality every day, confident in our identity as God’s children?


Spend time praying together, listening to God and sharing anything He might be wanting to say to the group. You could split into smaller prayer groups (2s or 3s). Maybe put some music on or have your bibles open to hear from Him.