The Shepherd

The Shepherd

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As we take a brief break from our Purpose series, Pete shares with us what we can learn from David’s declaration about and to God in Psalm 23, and how it links through Jesus to the rest of our lives.


Worship Suggestion:

Taking a verse each, read through Psalm 146, pausing briefly between each verse, then share which one stood out to you most and why.

Group Questions:

1. Read through Psalm 23 together, then returning to verse 1, discuss what in life and the modern world causes us to have these “wants”, whether good or bad. 

2. Proverbs 13:12 helps put into words how the weight of hope can cause us to feel, but the truth is, apart from Jesus, there’s no perfect thing that can take the full weight of our hope. How easily do we find letting Jesus be our lead in these areas of our life? Can we ever say with any certainty there’s nothing at all we feel a lack of?

3. How about going through the difficult times? Do we tend to set up camp in those times and wallow or do we know to trust in Jesus and push through the valley?

4. John 10:14-15 and 26-28 help us point to what Jesus said about being our good shepherd. Jesus is the only one who can help us focus on Who we have in Him, rather than defining ourselves as “the one who lacks…” by listening to His voice. How can we do this and encourage each other in these areas as a community? 


A great way to learn to follow Jesus better is learning to hear and recognise his voice. What practical ways can we grow in this?
Pray for each other to learn to hear God’s voice more clearly, in whatever way that may be for each of us.