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There Is More
Naturally Supernatural

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Rich kicks off our new series, Naturally Supernatural, looking at John 7:37-39 and Romans 8:14-16. What is the invitation of the Holy Spirit in a post-resurrection world? 

Group Questions this week:
Reread John 7:37-39; Romans 8:14-17

What stands out to you from these passages?
For the New Testament church, the Holy Spirit moving amongst them is normal Christianity. What experience have you had of the Holy Spirit?
Paul says that the Spirit comes to make you a child of God, bringing you in to the same relationship the Father has with Jesus, his son. How can you practice that relationship?
The invitation of the Spirit is to experience and embrace the good news of Jesus. How can we put ourselves in places of experiencing the presence of God?
In smaller groups if necessary, spend time praying for each other to be filled with the Spirit.